Plant list:

Wiedemen C.N.C Centrum 1000
20 Turret punch press with D.C Link computer system with a working table of 2.5m x 1m.
Supported by a comprehensive range of standard and specialised tools.
Amada Promecam I.T.S 80-25
With a 2.5m bed
Rhodes Piece-All 20-25
With extensive range of tooling.
Single Turret punch press with D.R.O.
Safan 2.5m C.N.C Guillotine
  • 3mm mild steel
  • 3mm stainless steel
  • 6mm alloy

With full range of aluminium alloy, stainless steel and mild steel in various gauges with a selective range of copper and brass.

Comaca Hydraulic Knotcher
  • Denbigh with 2 inch Knotching tool
  • F.J. Edwards (deep throat)
  • Sweeney & Blockside (deep throat)

Extensive range of tooling to complement non C.N.C work.

Press for fitting including: 
  • Studs
  • Standoffs
  • Pins
  • Self-clinch nuts and
  • Hank bushes to name a few.
Edwards 50 inch x 3 inch manual.
Power Saw
Mac T.R.530 circular saw
Vanco Flexiband Linisher
Ensures all work is deburred.
Welding Equipment
Murex Transtig AC/DC 275s
TIG and MIG for aluminium alloy, mild steel and stainless steel. Ministry approved.
Spot Welding
Ferromatic Welding System S.P.25 KVA
Surface Grinder.
Colchester Master
2500 lather with D.R.O
Kondia FV-1
Power Universal Turret Mill with D.R.O.
Wolf 8 inch Twin Head Pedestal
Grinding machine.
2 FOBCO 13mm chuck bench drills.

These machines are supplemented by an extensive range of hand power tools. 

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Engineering Work

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