Using efficient work tracking systems to ensure your product is completed at your desired date

At AJD Precision (sheet metal) Engineering Ltd., we provide a wide range of services geared to meet particular customer’s requirements.

Subject to the complex nature of the product required, we respond favourably to being called to provide technical ‘design for manufacture’ input at the early design stage.

The continued investment in up to date machinery , equipment and tooling has enabled the company to enhance significantly its capability in meeting high performance product output standards.

This together with the qualified craft skilled team employed, backed by management’s hands on approach is a formula which has proven to be operationally effective.

AJD Precision (sheet metal) Engineering Ltd. is aware of the importance of meeting the customer’s product order delivery date.

The in house job tracking system enables the appropriate priority to be administrated to ensure scheduled completion dates are met and enables the provision of interim progress reports.

Focusing highly on the quality of your product

Attention to detail and critical stage inspection are considered paramount in the product development cycle.

Our on-going commitment to quality in all facets of working practice is inherent within the company.

Customers are welcome to visit our premises to familiarise themselves with our extensive manufacturing capability or to discuss their production needs.

A beneficial feature of our CNC program facility accepts detailed design drawing data in various CAD formats via email.

Arrangements can include the safe delivery of complete orders directly to the customer’s premises.

Should you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with us.

Production Work1
Production Work

For professional sheet metal engineers in Farnham, call AJD Precision (sheet metal) Engineering Ltd.
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